What Does It Take to Be a Junior Consultant at Lindberg International

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At Lindberg International, the employees truly are the most important asset and we go to great lengths to attract, develop and retain the top talent. We are growing rapidly and in order to support our expanding client base, we are currently on the lookout for 4 talented and ambitious Junior Consultants. In order for students who are interested in strategic consulting and market insight to learn more about what it takes to work with us, we’ve done an interview with two of our current top performing Junior Consultants Mikkel Dissing Bøgh Pedersen and Morten Staugard Pedersen.


Mikkel and Morten have been with Lindberg International as Junior Consultants for nearly 2 years. They joined after finishing their bachelor thesis in which they analyzed future market opportunities for Bang & Olufsen. They are currently finishing their Masters Degree in Marketing at the Business School at Aarhus University. During their Masters Degree, they secured a 4 month internship with Lindberg International after which they received an offer to join as Master Thesis Students as well as continue in their function as Junior Consultants. This means that apart from their duties working as Junior Consultants, Mikkel and Morten are also working with Lindberg International’s strategy as a case study for their master thesis.


What do you like most about being part of the Lindberg International team?


Morten: I like that even though the company is ambitious and is growing fast, I really feel that I am an important part of the company and get a lot of responsibility. Working here provides me with a fantastic opportunity to gain practical experience and test some of the theories learned at the university in the real business environment. I really enjoy the level of client exposure that I get. During a project I get to communicate and work together with clients who usually hold quite senior management positions.


Mikkel: I like that I get to work in a challenging international business environment where the key to success is hard work and freedom with responsibility. This motivates me to do my very best and compared to the university my work is no longer rewarded with a grade - now my work is evaluated by the client; and the client needs to be satisfied with our deliveries in order to stay our client. I find this incredibly challenging and it motivates me to push myself to do the very best. I also really appreciate the support we receive from Senior Consultants and Partners who lead the project. They serve as great sparring partners, which helps me develop the quality of my work. At Lindberg International, it’s never ‘business as usual’. We constantly have new projects coming in and even though we focus on a relatively narrow target group every project is different and presents new challenges and opportunities to learn.


What are the most important things you’ve learnt and skills you've developed while working here?


Morten: I have gotten more comfortable communicating in English and I’ve also improved my presentation skills dramatically. I have significantly developed my analytical skills and improved my strategic thinking. Our clients expect the highest standard of work and this motivates me to constantly keep improving my skills and develop both professionally and personally.


Mikkel: I totally agree with Morten, the fact that we work in a very international environment has helped me to improve my English skills. In our main office, we have employees from over 30 countries and English is the main language. Over the last 2 years, working at Lindberg International has boosted my confidence with regards to communicating with our clients and conducting presentations to senior client’s executives. Due to the fact that no two projects are identical and the fact that we work in all kinds of business areas, I have acquired a good understating of various business sectors ranging from mining to food processing. On top of that, I have also improved my ability to put myself in client’s shoes and understand their business challenges within the context of their company in order to carry out the analysis and present the findings in the best way possible.


What client project did you most enjoy?


Morten: I particularly enjoyed working with a large Swedish window and door manufacturer. We helped them determine their market position and competitive situation and based on that formed recommendations leading to a considerable sales increase. I was also a part of the team presenting results to client’s executives and discussed the findings and their implications. Another project I really enjoyed was working on a strategy workshop with a global manufacturer of wheels and tires. We provided them with a fact-based analysis serving as a platform for the development of a future demand strategy for one of their business units.


Mikkel: We get to work on a lot of exciting projects here but I especially enjoyed working closely together with the production manager of a large Danish food ingredients production company. We helped the client identify opportunities for future expansion into new markets. And like Morten mentioned being part of the Lindberg team at the Strategy workshop was very challenging but also a great experience for me, and that’s what this job is all about for me, challenges and great experiences.



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