Top 3 challenges for B2B companies in 2016 - Webinar

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Nov 10, 2015 11:28:08 AM


On November 4, we staged a webinar titled "Seven important B2B challenges for 2016". During the webinar, we asked the participants to answer seven polls indicating to which extent they consider each of the topics a challenge to their company. Here are the top 3:


#1  Lack of internal alignment

#2  Lack of outside perspective

#3  Fragmented customer experience


It's hardly a surprise that "Lack of internal alignment" is the biggest challenge. Why? Because the sales funnel has changed in the sense that the customers do more of the "sales work" themselves in terms of researching their options. Therefore, marketing has become much more important for ensuring the turnover simply because they are responsible for making it easy for the customers to do the research - and find the best supplier. Consequently, the sales force can no longer act as lone wolves and neither can the marketing folks - they need to be aligned.


(The webinar is in Danish and slides are in English)

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