Why Care So Much About Satisfying Your Customers' Needs?

Posted by Michael Lindberg on May 23, 2017 11:10:45 AM

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

If your customers weren’t satisfied, they wouldn’t be your customers at all. So why all the fuss about measuring customer satisfaction? Yes, it can make you feel good that they are satisfied with you on an overall level, but you probably knew that already. What really matters are the pockets of dissatisfaction that your customers have. The devil’s in the detail, so search for those details where your customers experience problems, challenges and frustrations. That’s the way to be inspired to do something extraordinary. Just listen to Tom Peters, the grand old man of business management:


“Nearly 100% of innovation is inspired by people who are supremely pissed off by the way things are.”


We have taken this to our heart when we developed our OpportunityDetectorTM survey. Because that’s exactly what it is: It detects opportunities for innovation and growth by identifying and subsequently ranking the pains your customers are facing, by considering both impact and frequency.

Disruptive Innovation

Does it work to identify the customers’ 'pains'? Absolutely. Just take a look at Netflix, Uber and Airbnb. Netflix doesn’t have cinemas. Uber doesn’t own cars. Airbnb doesn’t possess rooms. Yet they are highly successful because they found a smarter way of handling the market’s “pains”. Netflix dealt with the pain of having to go to a shop to rent a movie. Uber made it more user friendly to order transportation from A to B. And Airbnb provides a vast selection of rooms at low prices compared to hotels.


These companies could not have come up with their successful and innovative solutions without a pretty good idea about their target group’s problems, frustrations and challenges, which together make up pains. These can be identified and ranked by means of an OpportunityDetectorTM. First we find out directly from our client’s customers what matters to them by means of a few pilot interviews. This approach of listening ensures that the research covers all the pains experienced - not just the ones that you yourself can imagine. Thereby the opportunity to identify unmet needs that can drive your innovation efforts is vastly increased.

Satisfying Your Customers' Needs

The pilot interviews help with preparing the optimum questionnaire. A web survey then collects the data needed to provide you with the insights to make the decisions that will make you stand out. This is based on a combination of how often the problems, frustrations and challenges occur and how serious they are. We use this for ranking so that you get a list that helps you prioritize, based on where the impact of your innovation is biggest.


With this deep knowledge about your customers’ pains you finally have the insights needed for your innovation efforts. Not based on what your customers say they want, but what they actually need. How? By you “translating” your customers’ most serious and frequent pains into solutions you can provide. After all, why not learn from Henry Ford who supposedly said:


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”


Your customers can’t be creative on your behalf, they can’t tell you what they want. But in an OpportunityDetectorTM they tell you about their pain points in a very structured way. This gives you an almost unfair advantage against your competitors because all you need to do is to “translate” your customers’ pains and the frequency and impact of these into solutions.


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