Postcard from Rome

Posted by Michael Lindberg on May 26, 2016 1:09:35 PM



I’m sure you have heard this expression: “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. As a tourist it makes a lot of sense because it means having great pasta and pizza not to mention drinking Campari and the local red wine and enjoying a refreshing gelato. But for business it’s not necessarily a good piece of advice for various reasons.



The most important one is this: Often you are up against a few local competitors and unless you are a very big company you don’t want to emulate them because no matter how hard you try you will not succeed. Instead, you need to clearly pinpoint how you are different from the local competitors because If your customers don’t see a major difference then why bother buying from you? It’s often easier, safer and cheaper to buy from one of your local competitors. So don’t always do as the Romans when you are in Rome.



See more details in this video post card from Rome.