Nothing Lasts Forever

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Nov 3, 2015 8:55:32 AM


Michael Lindberg's recent visit to Rome has inspired him to shoot a short video on complacency, which he sees as the main reason why successful companies end up in dire straits. Just like the Romans mistakenly called Rome “Roma Aeterna” (The Eternal City) and forever would remain “Caput Mundi” (The Capital of the World) many companies make the same mistake. They become complacent. Nokia is just one example of this. The best way to avoid complacency is to follow this advice regarding not only your products but also the way you do business: If it ain’t broke, break it! If you don’t break it, your competitors will, so step into the shoes of your competitors and think about what you would do to outcompete your own company. Watch the business postcard getting deeper into this topic below.