Lindberg International in the Press Yet Again

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Feb 22, 2016 1:53:39 PM



Well, actually what could be read in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten a few days ago was about one of our surveys we made late last year on behalf of Jabra, the world’s leading supplier of office headsets. We surveyed a total of 2,500 knowledge workers in nine countries throughout the world.


The results were very interesting. Among other things, it turns out that Danes (believe it or not) are those who get disturbed the most by co-workers while working. Are we ruder than other nationalities? Or are we just more collaborative? Obviously, the answer can be found in the survey because it’s not enough to point at an issue, you also need to understand the reasons behind. At least, that’s how we think in terms of research.


If you would like to read the short article in Jyllands-Posten you can follow this link: “Danskerne bliver forstyrret mest på jobbet”