Lindberg International in the Press

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Nov 2, 2015 10:01:52 AM


This May, Lindberg International carried out a large global study on behalf of the leading headset producer Jabra. The study is called “Productivity at the office – challenges 2015”. Jabra’s motivation for doing the study is to help organizations and their employees to achieve high levels of productivity, which is a key factor in business success.


In our analysis, we examined the challenges that so-called knowledge workers and organizations are facing while achieving productivity in the context of new organizational structures, workspaces and technology. Certainly, Jabra aims to sell more headsets, but they are clever enough to realize that they first need to understand the physical and business environment that their headsets are used in.


Jabra has recently started distributing their new knowledge to the press and it has already now been picked up around the world. Obviously, we are happy to have contributed to Jabra not only knowing more but also being known more. If you want to see the executive summary of the report, you can download it here

Topics: Case Study