What prevents your company from growing – faster?

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Jun 15, 2016 2:35:30 PM




On June 9, we were the hosts of a conference about Innovation. Almost 60 people attended and according to their feedback, they had a great day with lots of inspiration. There are many conferences about innovation so did we have a special edge? We sure did.



First part of our mantra is this: "The battle for market share - and ultimately survival - will not be won by the biggest companies, but by those that move the fastest!". So in order to be innovative you need to be agile, but in which direction should you move? That’s obviously very important as well so here’s the second part of our mantra: “The battle for superior insight is increasingly becoming the real starting point of business competition. Those who arrive at the right insight first, or use it best, enjoy a powerful advantage.” Why? Because they know where to move. This was our special edge: Trying to provide tools for companies to gain insight so they can move fast in the right direction – and thereby being innovative.


These are some of the things you will be able to read about in our whitepaper on disruptive innovation that will be published on June 28. In this whitepaper you can also see the results of a short survey about obstacles to growth. I would very much like you to spend 2 minutes (that’s really all it takes) to answer a few questions about how you look at growth. Follow the link below – I thank you in advance.


2 minutes growth survey