Complacency Kills the Cat - Webinar

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Feb 2, 2016 8:26:03 PM



OK, yes, maybe you really are on the right track, but what happens if you stand still and the train comes - especially from an unexpected direction? Of course it’s easy to be tempted, but don’t be complacent just because things go well. These days it’s not curiosity that kills the cat – it’s complacency!


One way to avoid complacency is to imagine you are the CEO of your known and potential competitors. What would you do to out compete you? Most likely, at least I hope so, you know your weaknesses and therefore you also know how a competitor could take advantage of them so go ahead and fix the most serious weaknesses.


Don’t think you’re done yet. No, you definitely need to take advantage of your strengths, but what is a strength? Something you are not just good at, but actually better at than your competitors. I’m sure you have many things you are good at, but only very few strengths so get the full benefit of them. You do so by choosing one strength to focus on. Unfortunately, most companies have a hard time choosing one thing to focus on because they are afraid to choose, like kids in a candy store.


Having chosen one strength, you need to do one more thing: Empower your brightest employees to make relevant decisions at “the moment of truth”. Who can do it better than them? This ensures not just a focused but also an agile company. Both are requirements for future success.


Download the slides (in English) presented at a webinar or see the recording of the webinar (in Danish) to be more inspired.

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