Business Model Patterns: Play Cards Like The Swiss

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Jul 17, 2018 9:58:12 AM

business model patterns

Patterns of Business Model Innovation 

Consider the examples of Kodak, Blockbuster, and most recently Toys “R” Us - all went out of business because they became complacent, not innovating their business model in time. We should be grateful to Oliver Gassmann and Karolin Frankenberger who in examining several hundred successful business models found that about 90 percent of innovations were the result of re-inventing previously existing concepts.


Their research led to the creation of 55 business model cards each containing a description of “Who” (target group), “What” (value proposition), “How” (value chain) and “Why” (revenue model and cost structure) and examples of companies that have successfully applied the particular business model pattern.


These 55 cards can generate forward looking discussions beginning with this question, “If we apply this pattern to our company, what would that mean to the way we run our business?”. These discussions are sure to deliver great ideas which can in turn successfully innovate the business model. What’s holding you back?

Business Model Innovation Whitepaper

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