What is new in B2B sales and marketing? Almost everything!

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Apr 11, 2016 7:58:30 PM




Since 2002, we have been the host of Lindberg Network. This is a network group consisting of sales and marketing employees in globally orientedbusiness-to-business companies. We meet and discuss topics within the fields of strategy, business development, sales and marketing.


Our latest meeting was about “Modern B2B Sales & Marketing”. Why this theme? In previous network meetings we have been talking about that due to the Internet buyers are increasingly taking control. Some of the functions that used to be carried out by a salesperson is now taken care of by the buyer himself. Don’t you go online and do research before approaching a salesperson? Most people do. That’s why old-school sales and marketing doesn’t work anymore. Gone are the days where you should interrupt your potential buyers, now it’s time to attract them.


Obviously, “Modern B2B Sales & Marketing” is a very broad term. Therefore we focused on topics like social media, marketing automation, Web 2.0 and CRM. One of our longtime members, Lars Ørhøj from iPaper showed how they very successfully use the software platform HubSpot which, in their own words, “is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.” We also established a video link to Nick van der Kolk at HubSpot in Dublin for, not a sales pitch, but an interesting discussion about the strategic thoughts about inbound marketing and marketing automation.


In this practical and pragmatic way we brought our members closer to “Modern B2B Sales & Marketing”. On June 9, we have a conference in Odense where the theme is “Innovation – in so many ways”. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting and enlightening day. Maybe you could do with a new perspective on B2B strategy, business development, sales and marketing as well?