Mission To Mars: How To Achieve Sustainable Growth

Posted by Michael Lindberg on Jul 27, 2017 8:54:07 AM

achieve sutainable growth

Achieve Sustainable Growth

Before presenting you with the Mission to Mars growth concept, let me make it crystal clear why there is a need for it: 


Every business must continually grow

In today’s world, technology is advancing at lightning speed. If you do not grow, you do not have the strength to take advantage of the opportunities these changes provide or – even worse – you cannot handle the threats. These companies will eventually find themselves in a downward spiral that will ultimately lead to their demise. Nothing short of pure Darwinism.


The old strategy tools do not apply anymore

In a rapidly changing world you cannot rely on yearly, overly detailed strategy plans. In fact, they are a hindrance to your success. Instead, you need to possess strategic agility - which is the ability to consistently spot changes in your surroundings and to take advantage of them to create value. You do so by considering each and every change an opportunity to lunge at – because your competitors will see it too.


It is getting increasingly difficult to stand out

A torrent of new products gets washed over companies as well as consumers, each with conflicting claims and the tiniest points of variance. This is because the internet leaves no room for “secrets.” It is also because technological developments spread like wildfire breaking down barriers in the process and making it simple to introduce “me too” products to the market.

Long-Term Success

Something needs to be done to break free. Mission to Mars makes it possible for you to deal with these serious challenges head-on and ensure the long-term success of your company. To do so you need to step out of your comfort zone and accept that you must be brave to win. So here is how I look at it: Winners go to Mars, losers stay on Earth!


That is why you need to consider the Mission to Mars growth concept. I have worked extensively for almost two years to develop, test, and refine this concept. It is unique, but at the same time, some of the elements are clearly recognizable. The reason for this, in the words of Isaac Newton:


If I have seen further, it is by standing on  the shoulders of giants.

- Isaac Newton


That is exactly what I've done! I've taken the best thoughts from the best thinkers and practitioners within strategy, business development, sales, and marketing and – with the risk of sounding slightly arrogant – improved their methods and models. My background for completing this is 25 years of lecturing at one of Financial Times’ Global Top 100 business schools plus 20 years of research and consulting experience at my own company working with hundreds of international business-to-business companies.

8-Step Mission To Mars Growth Concept

Here is the outcome: Lindberg International’s very own 8-step Mission to Mars growth concept. This process will take you from the highly competitive surroundings of Planet Earth to a more unique and profitable position on Planet Mars:


1. Detect: You need to detect your target group’s problems, frustrations, and challenges. By understanding – in detail – their pains and the frequency and impact of these, you have an almost unfair advantage against your competitors.
2. Diagnose: Go ahead and diagnose what works well in your organization. If you focus on these strengths, you will have an organization that is open to change, thinks in innovative ways and keeps pushing even when faced with obstacles.

3. Dream: Now it is time to dream big. Do not settle for mediocrity, you will be overtaken. Do not play it safe either, you will lose. Instead, pretend you cannot fail, because without big dreams you actually end up being weaker than you presently are.
4. Design: It is imperative to design a strong and innovative business model that answers the important question: How are you going to deliver value to your customers? A strong and innovative business model is a prerequisite for standing out.
5. Depart: Speed is the only way to beat gravity and depart. You need to focus your organization’s strengths on this single purpose and not allow yourself to be distracted and defeated by negative forces – gravity is hard enough to battle in its own right.
6. Draft: You need to draft something that turns the world upside down, something that is truly innovative. Do not be scared to fail because it is OK, almost a must, to miss as long as you do it fast and early and without spending too many resources.
7. Delight: Your value proposition must be strong in order to delight. Resonance: There must be a need for your product. Differentiation: It must be difficult to substitute it. Substance: Customers must believe that it can live up to its promises.
8. Dominate: Reaching Mars is not enough; you need to constantly stay ahead of your competitors in order to dominate your market. You need to always be on the move, never be complacent, and tirelessly look for the next opportunity.


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