The key to growth and success is to challenge and innovate your business model

Any company needs to address these three factors of business:

Every business must continually grow
In today’s world, technology is advancing at lightning speed. If you don’t grow, you will not have the strength to take advantage or handle the threats that technology advancements provide.

The old strategy tools no longer apply
In a rapidly changing world, overly detailed strategy plans are in fact a hindrance to your success. Instead, you need to possess strategic agility - the ability to take advantage of changes to create value.

It is getting increasingly difficult to stand out
Technological developments spread like wildfire, breaking down barriers in the process and making it simple to introduce “me too” products to the market – each with only the tiniest points of differentiation.

The solution is to continuously challenge your business model so it can be adapted to the realities of the moment. In fact, the easiest way to differentiate a company from its competitors is by means of the entire business model, not just the products and services. So go ahead and innovate your business model by working with all four elements:

  • Who (your target group)
  • What (your value proposition)
  • How (your value chain)
  • Why (your revenue model and cost structure)

Learn how to do so in our whitepaper “Reaching higher than the Alps”.