Reaching Higher Than The Alps

Switzerland is much more than great chocolate. They also know a thing or two about business - not least how you can grow your business by challenging and innovating your business model. Yes, the Swiss got it right!

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Challenge and innovate your business model

We live in a turbulent world. This goes for business too. So how do you cope? Long-term strategic plans are not the answer; you need an agile business model that can be adapted to the facts of the moment.

Continuously monitor your competitors and markets

You need to stay ahead of your competitors and that’s not easy in a dynamic world. You must constantly monitor your competitors and markets in an intelligent and structured way. Then you will not be taken by surprise.

Look into the future and prepare for what can happen

Sure, it's impossible to predict the future but that's not a good reason to not prepare for it. Creating future scenarios is easier than you might think and by doing so you will be ahead of your competitors when the future becomes the present.

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Reaching higher than the Alps

Learn how to succeed by challenging and innovating your business model

This whitepaper is all about how you - by using a structured process - can create growth by challenging and innovating your business model. It’s packed with good advice and useful tools – based on some of the world's brightest researchers in strategy and business development. We have simply placed their insights and methods in a context that works in real life — for practitioners, by practitioners. 

So, read the whitepaper and learn how to make a difference and ensure the long-term success of your company by:

  • Being quick in recognizing the changing conditions in your industry by constantly monitoring your environment
  • Being swift in deciding and implementing changes because you have considered the potential impact of significant changes before they occur
  • Continually challenging your business model to take full advantage of a strong, innovative, and flexible way of running your business